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Founded in 1984 R.H.F Quartz Stone is a professional stone manufacturer and wholesaler with factories cover an area of 50000㎡.R.H.F produces various artificial quartz stone and marble products.The flexural,compressive and impact strength of our products has reached remarkable standards towards our market demand.The exceptional characteristic creates an ideal material for interior decorations.

R.H.F Quartz Stone engineered and collaborates quartz crystal(93%),resin(7%) and portion of pigment under vacuum condition and processed with heterogeneous material aggregation technology.Materials then process into fixed thickness products in high pressure follow by grinding and polishing with its finish.Quality quartz crystal applied to ensures the compact structure which makes incomparable in the resistance to abrasion, compression,high temperature,corrosion and penetration with excellent feature.

Smoothness with gloss surface and colorful combinations,our quartz products have indistinguishable gloss and texture as natural products.Synthesize prominent advantages made our products widely used in flooring,splashback,benchtops,vanity tops,windowsills,bar counters,and many other decoration projects.

ISO9001:2000 certification,our company and products have won reputation from both experts and consumers.R.H.F Quartz Stone is a manufacturer and supplier producing our company branded products worldwide including America,Europe and Asia,the popularity in worldwide market fully reveals our great competitiveness.

Advocating Quality,Price and Credibility,R.H.F Quartz Stone has provide customers with high quality products and service.R.H.F Quartz Stone warmly welcome customers from all over the world to have further cooperation.

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